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If this is your first visit to the Funston Baptist Church website, or you are unfamiliar with the town of Funston, Georgia from which the church derives its name, here is some interesting information which might help.  

Funston is named for Major General Frederic Funston.  General Funston fought in the Cuban War of Independence and the Filipino Insurrection where he earned the Medal of Honor.  He was born in Ohio and died at the Presidio in California.  

Funston is located in Colquitt County approximately 6 miles west of the Moultrie city limits.  Funston's population as of July 1, 2023 was 405.  The Mayor of Funston as of 2023 is Mr. Ferrell Ruis.

There are three churches listed as being in Funston.  They are Funston Baptist, Funston Methodist, and Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist.  Funston Methodist closed its doors to active worship in 2023.  


“History is like a three act play. If you come on stage in the third act in order to play your part well, you must know what happened before your entry.”

(Quote from Merle M. Baker in the Preface of “Past and Present: A History of Funston, Georgia published by R.M. Printing and Advertising Company, Moultrie, Georgia 1976.)

Early History

Funston Baptist Church, initially called Rock Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1898 under the leadership of Reverend G.B. Thrasher.  At that time the membership consisted of 50 members.  Rock Hill Baptist Church was the eighth Baptist church formed in Colquitt County. Congregants met, initially, once a month for services under a brush arbor. The church erected its first wooden building in 1902 and Funston Baptist Church, as it would come to be known, was constituted that same year.  The Reverend A.M. Bennett brought the message for the constitution service.  Services continued to be held only once a month. 

The first church leaders were:

W.D. Patten          Church Clerk                           
C.E. Whitfield       Church Treasurer
W.H. Spivey         S.S. Superintendent              
S.J. Joiner            S.S. Sec. and Treasurer
Mrs. W.H. Spivey  WMU President                      
Mrs. J.L. Leggett   WMU Vice-President 
Mrs. J.J. Cook       WMU Secretary                     
Mrs. W.S. Patten   WMU Treasurer

The first church deacons were:

W.H. Spivey                              J.J. Cook                                             W.S. Chambliss                   S.O. Gregory


Drawing by Janet Davis of first (1902) wooden church building.


Stay tuned.  More to come.